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Advice to all Councils in NSW which don't yet have Smoke-free Outdoor Dining


Subject: Advice to all Councils in NSW which don't yet have Smoke-free Outdoor Dining

To: All Councillors and Administrators.

As you would be aware, the NSW government has declared July 2015 as the time for all cafes and restaurants in NSW to go smokefree outdoors.

The reason for this delay is not, as declared by Health Minister Jillian Skinner in Parliament on 31 May 2012, to provide an educative approach to smoke-free outdoor dining, but because of gambling interests. On 10 October 2010, prior to the March 2011 State Elections, the NSW Liberals and Nationals signed a non-legally-binding Memorandum of Understanding with gambling and tobacco-friendly Clubs NSW, agreeing not to change outdoor smoking laws until after July 2015.

Most people in NSW want smoke-free outdoor dining now. One smoker can ruin the experience for everyone, with the toxins and the smell.

Most people (approximately 85%) in NSW don't smoke.

Some Councils and many restaurant and cafe owners are too busy and thus unaware of the following simple fact . . . . . . . .

There is nothing in NSW Law which says that any restaurant or cafe must provide any area or space for smoking.

They can simply toss out the ashtrays, put up a sign, and delight clients and staff with a smokefree dining or cafe experience with no loss of profits.

We call on all Local Councils in NSW which don't already have healthy smokefree outdoor dining, to advise local proprietors of the above information, and to call on them to go smokefree for the sake of workers and patrons, and especially for children and infants. They should not regard smoking as a normal part of recreational life - there's nothing normal about smoking.

“If you can smell tobacco smoke, then the poisons are going into your lungs and your family’s lungs and doing harm.” (NSW thoracic surgeon.)

Margaret Hogge,
Non-Smokers’ Movement of Australia (NSMA) Inc.
(Fighting since 1977 for clean-air rights)

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