The Non Smokers' Movement of Australia Inc.  
Protecting the rights of the Non-smoking majority from tobacco smoke
and from the tobacco industry's propaganda.

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New Item Smoke Pollution in the Workplace

Menu Item Action against WorkcoverNSW (Update 49, Nov 2004)
Menu Item Smoker Wins $710,000 damages (Update 39, Feb - Apr 02)
Menu Item NSMA Says Thank You to Marlene Sharp (Update 38, 2001)
Menu Item Marlene Sharp's Award Stands (Update 36)
Menu Item Passive Smoker Gets Huge Award (Update 35, 2001)

New Item Smoking in Public Places

Menu Item Smoke Free Pubs in Ireland (Update 49 - Nov 2004)
Menu Item NSMA Protests Outside the Empire Hotel (Update 42)
Menu Item NSMA Supports Move Against Outdoor Smoking (Update 37)
Menu Item More on Outdoor Smoking (Update 36)

New Item Smoke-Free Trains

Menu Item City Rail and the Stations of Shame (June 2002)
Menu Item NSMA Condemns CityRail (Update 38)
Menu Item Latest on CityRail (Update 37)
Menu Item NSMA Demonstration at Central Railway (Update 36, 2001)
Menu Item Latest about Smoking on Stations (Update 35, 2001)
Menu Item Smoking on Cityrail Stations (Update 34, 2000)

New Item Tobacco Promotions and Advertising

Menu Item Smoking in the Movies (Update 35, 2001)

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